Monday, July 2, 2018

DJ Lgcc in Chicago, July 7th - 14th 2018

I'll be in Chicago for a week of DJ gigs.
7 days, 6 (possibly 7) opportunities to catch some deep Lgcc groovin:

July 7th at Murasaki Sake Lounge, Magnificent Mile
July 8th at Diane's Hunting Club, Rural IL
July 9th at Danny's, Wicker Park
July 10th at 606 Records, Pilsen
July 11th at (More Info Soon), Wicker Park
July 12th at Boozebox, West Loop
July 13th on the radio WNUR 89.3fm, and 'Somewhere' in Chicago later that eve ;)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lounge Cats w/ DJ Lgcc @ The Stanford Court Hotel

This Saturday, June 30th marks the launch 
of my Summer Residency at the Seven Stills Knob Hill Lounge 

as I warm up your evening festivities with some deep electronica. 
It's free entry, and there are some tasty cocktails on the menu too! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Special Guests on the next 4 Wax n' Cats Streams

We've got a few guests on the show in the next 30 days:

June 30th - San Francisco DJ extraordinaire Eugenia joins us

July 1st - A Special Edition Sunday episode, with a live performance by LA artist LeCiel

July 6th - Seattle-based DJ Shadow Thumbs brings the Cold Wave & Hot Beats

(DJ Lgcc will be in Chicago July 7th & 14th, so there will be no Wax n' Cats those weeks - follow @dreamlogicc on Twitter for the latest tour info)

July 21st - Oakland's own Vidiian returns to the show with a new batch of grooves to share

As always, you'll be able to stream it live, 
and archived for a week after the show, at Chew.TV/WaxnCats

Set List: Wax n' Cats #256 (June 23rd 2018)

Flitted between various dreamy mid-tempo strains today, mostly techno n' house, with a few jazzy/poppy moments too.

stream-able for the next week or so here:


The Cinematic Orchestra - Night of the Iguana
Toto Chiavetta - selections from the Part 2 Impermanence EP
Fau & Deam - Long Trip Around You
Shine Grooves - selections from the Туманность EP
Luciano - Bla Bla Bla
Taylor - Noob
Gacha Bakradze - selections from We Must Be Woods EP
Psapp - selections from the Buttons and War EP
Cursor Minor - Library
Peak:Shift - Strange Summer
Dreamlogicc - unnamed dubbery
Fishermans Friend - Deep Florist
Early Inhabitants - Taking Form
A New Line (Related) - selections from the Reverie(s)
Road To Shaanxi - Revelation
FaltyDL - selections from the Bravery EP
Blu Mar Ten - The Conversationalist
Co La - selections from Daydream Repeater LP

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Set List: Wax n' Cats #255 (June 16th 2018)

Today's Wax n' Cats took an ambient direction.

You can stream it for the next few weeks here:


Impulse - Soil Of An Angel
Black Dice - selections from their Miles Of Smiles ep
A New Line (Related) - RIYL Failures
Hellvete - selections from their De Gek lp
James Blackshaw - Arc
Von Bingen - selections from Amen Absen 002
Strategy - selections from Pods Of Punishment
Rene Hl. - selections from Glass & Voice, In Motion
Dale Lloyd - selections from Akasha For Record
Nobukazu Takemura - Mumble
Brandon Nickell - selections from The Art Of Memory
Mikael Seifu - The Solipsist
Low Profile Society - selections from Toy 15C
Shinji Masuko - Woven Music For Silver Ocean
Kassett - 444 (Imre Kiss Remix)
Trux - selections from Orbiter lp
Flotel - selections from Bosso Fataka ep
Rachel's - Artemisia (Noble)
Matmos - selections from The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth Of A Beast
Ital - selections from Hive Mind
ASC - selections from Out Of Sync
Circlesquare - selections from Pre-Earthquake Anthem

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Archive: DJ Lgcc on KFAI (March 2018)

Earlier this month, I made the trek up to snowy Minneapolis, and got to meet the legendary Norton Fortune, who has been holding it down on KFAI since the early '90s with weekly broadcasts of deep n' groovy music. He welcomed me in to the studio on the evening of Saturday March 10th, where I mixed a few groovy tunes over the course of 120 minutes for his weekly Strictly Butter radio show.

Track List

(Strictly Butter Opening Track) Timeblind - Time Dilated By Matter
Dreamlogicc Condolences for the Brevity
Cutkachi - Come To Me
Co La - Egyptian Peaches
Morphosis - Dirty Matter (NWAQ's Via Mezzacapo Dub)
Neotnas - B1 Qualia EP
(first on-air ticket giveaway on-air during the Neotnas track)
The Siege - Politicizing the Plight of the People
Dreamlogicc - Electro Saddies
2 Bad Mice - Snake Charmer
Gacha Bakradze - Knowledge
XXXY - Open Your Eyes
Dreamlogicc - Rolly Polarizey
Human Mesh Dance - Counterglow
Dreamlogicc - Situation Around Here
Irrelevant - Blame You
Barbara Morgenstern - Nichts Muss
Illumination Boys - Inyosi
Isilo - Master Millz Feat. Champ
Dj Mexin - Xigubttu Remix
(second ticket giveaway on-air during the intro to the Dub Force One track)
Dub Force One - Breath Me In (Burburu's Oxidation Remix)
Dreamlogicc - Take It and Break It
Dreamlogicc - Pro Ductive
Dreamlogicc - Slow Your Roll Asshole
Dreamlogicc - Skipped
Dreamlogicc - Eff n' Beans
8i11 remixing Rabih Abou-Khalil Ziriab - Blue Camel

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DJ Lgcc in Chicago December 29th - January 3rd 2018

I'll be in Chicago for the next week, playing records around town at a few venues and a few more undergrounds:

Catch me starting off at Boozebox on December 29th
I'll be on the decks all evening there, from 9:30 till 1:30am

Then I'll head over to everyone's favorite underground spot,
where I'll be mixin' along side the crew until dawn :)

New Years Eve you can find me bringin' the late night wax
at Aaron & Molly's NYE bash - get in touch with them if you'd like to attend

Keep your ears tuned (follow me on Twitter! @dreamlogicc )
as I'll likely be adding a date or two between January 1st and 3rd

Join me for my final in-person set of the tour at Danny's on January 3rd
where I'll be joining resident DJ Ashina for an evening of party jammin'

And finally, though I'll have left Chicago by then, I'll have a special DJ set
airing on M50's ETC radio on WNUR on Friday January 5th - should be
a nice recap of the trip

See you around town!