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Dreamlogicc music on Vinyl

Subterranean (Kimochi 22) - Discogs (US) - Juno (UK)Crosstalk (US) - Deejay (DE) - Gramaphone (US)

MDS003 (MDS003) - Discogs (US)Halcyon (US)Juno (UK) - HHV (DE)Crosstalk (US) - Gramaphone (US) - RedEye (UK)

MDS002 (MDS002) - Discogs (US) -  Technique (JP)Halcyon (US)Juno (UK) - HHV (DE) - Crosstalk (US)

Co-Conspirator EP (CPKAY002) - Discogs (US)

Podval EP (Kimochi 4) - Decks (DE) - Rush Hour (NL)

Dreamlogicc music in Digital formats

Remix: Lavender - F.C.O.A. (Stained Glass Condensation by drmlgcc) - Bandcamp

DigiRelease: Centripetal (Tundra Dubs) - Bandcamp

Aru Meets Fluid - The Sickness (Dreamlogicc Remix) - Beatport

Main Drain Studios Merchandise

Wax n' Cats T-Shirts (series 2, Summer 2015) - some sizes still available (Medium, Large, Xtra Large)

Wax n' Cats T-Shirts (series 1, Summer 2014) - Sold Out

Main Drain Studios T-Shirts - Coming Early Summer 2016

Dreamlogicc T-Shirts - Coming 2016

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