Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DJ Lgcc - Downtempo Daze Mix

21 vinyl records spread over 63 minutes.

No longer available for download...

dj food - turtle soup (wagon christ mix)
innerstance beatbox - theme from the bastard squad
dj shadow - changeling
mescalito - overproof
dj krush - the lost voices
morcheeba - trigger hippie
edk - elephant
hubert daviz - pe vale (prima parte)
madlib - montara
loop guru - papasus
precyz - gambler
boards of canada - into the rainbow vein
wagon christ - bend over
mocean worker - shamma lamma dingdong
dj vadim - variations in u.s.s.r. (reflection mix)
flanger - outer space/inner space (extd. version)
friends from rio - escravos de jo (da lata remix)
mum - nice round
rare moods - silk
soul parlor - we've got sneakers on!
massive attack - unfinished sympathy

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