Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DJ Lgcc's mix for Don't Trust Humans

A few months back, I did a mix for Don't Trust Humans, a podcast series/digital label. They've recently added it (along with a load of other great podcasts) to their Soundcloud page...

Track List

Area – Locked Groove #2 (Kimochi) 
Andy Stott – Expecting (Modern Love) 
Steven Porter – Untitled III (Weevil Neighborhood) 
Dreamlogicc – Questions (Tonatom) 
Kryptic Minds – Breach (Osiris) 
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Patterns I (Honest Jons) 
Dreamlogicc – Teachin’ Bout the Bass & the Bees 
T++ – Anyi (Honest Jons) 
Dhyan Moller – Frequency Interference (Drone-Muzic) 
Dreamlogicc – Slums, P.S. 
Echologist – Buzz Factory (Tempest Dub) (Echocord Colour) 
Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here (Skull Disco) 
Doc Scott – Honey (Metalheadz) 
Dreamlogicc – Owl-ular 
Badawi – DstryPrfts (Shackleton remix ft. Vengeance Tenfold) (The Index) 
Lando Kal – Time Out (Hotflush) 
Indigo – Primal (On the Edge) 
Pearson Sound – Underdog (Hessle Audio) 
Logos – Atlanta ‘96 (Keysound) 
Becoming Real – Jen’s Clock (Ramp) 
Dreamlogicc – Arp ‘o Clock 
Robert Hood – Assembly (Music Man) 
Nether – Deep Echo (31) 
Dreamlogicc – …And Tom Grew 
Clarity – Fractionate (Horizons) 
Loxy & Resound – Sin City (Exit) 
Hidden Agenda – Quiet Days (Dispatch) 
Dreamlogicc – Variant 
ASC – Landlocked (Samurai Horo) 
The Drum – Over (Audraglint)

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