Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NoChicago Podcast

NoChicago is a new website with a focus on Chicago's underground dance music scene. I was fortunate enough to do one of their first few Podcasts, which you can stream & download over here:



18 vinyl records and 4 CDs mixed over the course of 1 hr, 22 minutes for NoChicago online.

Dreamlogicc - hatty
Al Tourettes - Badger
Botchum Welt - Greenwich Remix
Unknown - B3 - Bunker 3108
Decal - A Happy Home
B12 - More Than One (Cmetric Remix)
Galaxian - Overthrow
Equulei - Delicate
Richard Wolfsdorf - Feuerwasser
Solenoid - n120d
Ectomorph - Audiofile 10: Echomorph Version
Dreamlogicc - Shut The Night Closed
Convextion - Luctu
Vendor Refill - Disk Killer
Heuristic Audio - Poetry Of Sound
Dreamlogicc - Baaah v1
EDMX - Triple XXX
Lone Shark - Underground
Oliver Bondzio - The Devil Made Me Do It
Solenoid - Time
Dreamlogicc - El En
Dreamlogicc - It's Different Now

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