Thursday, May 28, 2015

DJ Lgcc Mix For Greta Cottage Workshop

I recently had a set air on Greta Cottage Workshop Radio. You can now stream it, via their excellent Soundcloud page:


Mostly vinyl, a few cds, a few cassettes, mixed over the course of two hours for Greta Cottage Workshop Radio, May 2015

Ray Lynch - Tiny Geometries
Ant'lrd - Get All Feeble
RD - Nuit pt. 4
Black To Comm - Mirror
Dreamlogicc - Footloose and Fancy Free
Agents Del Futuro - Eldmessa In Situ
Angels In America - Follow Me Out
Radian - Nahfeld
Nobukazu Takemura - Cog Wheel
Herzel & Genoveva - The Action Of Staying
Laurel Halo - Sex Mission
Atelieia & Benjamin Curtis - Baghdad Batterie
Eno - Melodic Dub
Gillette - II
Airliner Series - 12.9°c
Lena Dean - Ventral
F - Epilogue
Susumu Yokota - Cherry Blossom
Dreamlogicc - Video Drones
CJ Weaver - Alone
Virus - Not Now
Mira Calix - You Open Always
Weather Corporation - Spirit In The Machine (Original)
ASC - Aqualoop
Portal - Pulse
Steven Hess / Miles Tilmann - Heat
Deerhoof - Koneko Kitten

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