Wednesday, March 16, 2016

About The Artwork For MDS002

MDS002 is the first 7" record from Main Drain Studios. Along with two killer tunes by C. Cigol, each copy of the record comes with an original artwork by Upper Peninsula Michigan artist J. Beckman.

Beckman created 200 monotype prints by pressing paint between successive sheets of Mylar using custom made tool sets. From the artist:
"Each resulting 'Generational Print' becomes the 'Parent' piece to the next in line. As each piece is pressed on to the next Mylar rectangle, its established framework is imprinted upon its progeny, whose own unique pressures mutate the descended structures. New patterns and systems are established for each successive piece that both reflect upon and distort its own historical origins."

Here are a selection of the resulting pieces:

...and once placed in the paper sleeves, heavenly bodies are revealed:

 You can purchase your copy of MDS002 through me on Discogs, through Crosstalk in the USA, and very soon at your local record shops.

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  1. too cool!! i was wondering how you did that!