Sunday, August 8, 2010

dreamlogicc live - august 2010

I have a couple performance dates in late august and early september... with the new album just released (you can download 'the singularity' free at this will be my 'album tour' so to speak.

that being said, each show will be quite unique, as is the drmlgcc standard by this point, with sets containing heavy doses of improvisation between 'track' moments, where i might attempt to play something previously recorded...


August 19th - wnur radio, worldwide - 10pm - - tonally partner Slowerson will be guest hosting for Part Time Suckers radio show, a night that typically focuses on bass-centric music. Look for a mix of bangers and mash in this set...


August 25th - Morseland, Chicago - 9pm ish - Heartbeats is a weekly night of electronic music hosted by momentsound friend Lokua. This night will be a unique one, with Lokua and i teaming up for an improvisational ambient set early in the night, as well as solo live pa sets by each of us later on. Expect deep and tech-ie sets...


September 3rd - wnur radio, worldwide - 11pm - - Friday night is etc. radio at wnur, hosted by dj and Kimochi Sound records-head m50. Ill be playing a live set of my latest tunes, as well as some new interpretations of my tracks released on Tonatom.


September 5th - Rodan, Chicago - 10pm - ill be invading the sXy Rodan lounge in wicker park, as a guest for the Living Sundays event series. Im currently crafting a unique set, tailored to the uniquely subdued sound system they have there. Expect a very dancy, techno-y sort o' set.


all of these shows are free to attend.

I am also looking for shows in the Minneapolis/st paul areas, as well as Madison and Milwaukee. if you know of anything goin' down, drop me a line - shikugaru at gmail dot com

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