Monday, December 19, 2011

Set List: Insomniac Soup on WNUR - December 18th 2011

date: 12/18/2011
time: 2am-6am
location: WNUR 89.3FM

Radex - Lucia
Trashvortex Electronic Ensemble - TVX2
Oneohtrix Point Never - Andro
Stone Temple Pilots - And so I Know
Thomas Bangalter - Rectum
Pedro Ramaya Beltran - La Peluca
Max Ulis - Seven
Killawatt - Take a Step Back
Jin - Crsrdsfree
Fybe:one - Irenidae
FourTwo - To Spend a Moment With You
Heblank - Concurrent
The Dream Traveller - Tinae
Dreamlogicc - Wonky Sort of Funk
Ummet Ozcan - Insignia (Krueger Remix)
Raffertie - Into the Garden
Team Abunai - Track 2
ASC - Time is Now

Redshift - Sister Moon
ASC - Dark Star
Lynx & Hellrazor - Without Warning
Spectrasoul - Taken
Dreamlogicc - Shuffleupagus
Calibre - Piano Bizness
Tokyo Prose & Fis - The Truths
Notion - Searching For an Answer (Sam KDC Rethink)
Consequence - Symbol 4, cut B1
Blocks & Escher - All in Good Time
Spinline & Hydro - Perimeter
Seba - Vanity
Oak - Bedroom Community
DJ Spinn - Off A Yap
Dam Mantel - Meet Me in the Ambulance

DJ Ty - Them Rats Know Where I Live
DJ Assault - Gell and Weave
DJ Diamond - Rep Yo Clique
Chris Roberts (Rockwell) - Whiskey Richard
Eight and a Half - Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix)
Apotheist - Steel God Creation
Graphics - Number 18
High Plains Drifter vs. Goldspot - Sholay
Peverelist - Die Brucke
Fedbymachines - Reflection
Grifin - Unforum En Ruine
DNTEL - Super Antihistamine
Ava's Verden - Ava's Verden
Sigmafy - Radio Sleep
Blawan - Peaches (freestone)
The Golden Filter - Mother (Au Palais Remix)
Blawan - Peaches
Andy Stott - New Ground
Senza110 - The Mourning After

Irrelevant - Betray
Umba - I Get What I Want
Guy Andrews - Textures
Och - Out of Key
Graphics - There's a Way Back (Dam Mantel Remix)
Goldfinch - Dirtybird (Jay Weed Remix)
Elgato - Music (Body Mix)

Front to Back - Mr. 666 ep (GET THE ALBUM BY CLICKING HERE!)


  1. @Michael, it's a wonderful album!! thank YOU!! it seemed like a good balance, as the show that began right after it finished was a gospel/spiritual jazz show :D