Monday, April 23, 2012

Set List: Insomniac Soup Show - April 22th 2012

It was an epic weekend for myself and guest-for-the-weekend Kent Harrah (aka Kent Alexander of the Paisley Parks crew). Things started off on Friday night with Kent laying down some classic vinyl at Tonally v2.3 heating up the dancefloor with his eclectic selections.

Saturday afternoon had DJ Lgcc and Kent Alexander playing a 2-hour set at Chicago dance-music institution Gramaphone Records as a part of their Record Store Day Festivities. Saturday evening, Kent was given his first Chicago underground dance experience, with a brilliant driving techno set by Podval crew member Lokua. (check his new vinyl release!)

In the late hours of Saturday night (technically Sunday), we rolled over to the WNUR Radio studios, still buzzing from Lokua's set, and broadcast some bass music, via the weekly Insomniac Soup Show (3am-6am Sundays).

Here's my set from Insomniac Soup show. Kent's set lists may be added in the future...

date: 04/22/2012
time: 3am-6am
location: WNUR 89.3fm

DJ Set by Kent Alexander

     (3-330) - Japanese footwork
1. RAW - Paisley Parks
2. Where Them Fat Boyz At - D.J. Fulltono
3. aPPache - Paisley Parks
4. Can You Feel It (Guchon Edit) - Mr. Fingers
5. jankenman - satanic 
6. Max Heart - Uncle Texx 
7. Eye Bless Da Day - Paisley Parks 
8. Hey Luv - Paisley Parks 
9. mmm mmm - D.J.G.O.
10.Year Of The Dragon - yskkg
11.Acid Alarm Pt.2 - D.J. Fulltono
12.ShowMe ShowMe Paisley Parks
13.Juke Ponpon - Kan Takahiro
14.GO - Paisley Parks

     (330-4) - PanPacificPlaya mix
1. Yokohama Swangin' - Nou
2. On the way down - LUVRAW&BTB
3. (title not available) - Jintana and Nou
4. 太陽のシワザ (Taiyou no shiwaza) feat. PUNPEE - LUVRAW&BTB
5. Girl Like U - Mr.Melody
6. イケナイ二人 (Ikenai Futari) - LUVRAW
7. Lazy Afternoon - Latin Quarter
8. 3:01 A.M. - NOU
10. Dream Island Park - Metro Phonic
11. Summer Splasher - Strings Burn
     (4-430) - Kent's favorites
set list coming soon...

DJ Lgcc mix

DJ Vadim - Variations on USSR (DJ Krush Remix)
Method One - Symbol #5 2
Nether - Moon Dub
Amoss - Footloose (Octane, DLR, & Linden Remix)
Ed:it & Overlook - Quarry
Loxy & Resound - League of Shadows
ASC - Make Me Feel
King Felix - Spring '03

Clarity - Parallels
Soul Intent - Release
ASC - Droids
Asian Dub Foundation - Naxilite
Slava - I've Got Feelings Too
RP Boo - Eraser
Opal Rush - Body Instrumental
Traxman - 1988
Spring Heel Jack - Hale Bop
Phunkfiction - I Belong (feat. Rose)
Carlito - ??? (ill update this track name later)
Total Science - Get It On
St. Files - EightSix
D Product - Telemetry
Raffertie - A2
ASC - Sarang
Salyu - Arabesque

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