Friday, May 11, 2012

Recap: Insomniac Soup Show - May 6th 2012

No track listing for tonight, I just couldn't find the time to write things down. I was joined in the studio by Slowerson, who played an hour and a half set. We did about a half hour of back 2 back mixing, then I closed out the show with some bass & drum and techno. Lokua was also in the studio with us, keeping things lively in the late hours.

On the recent request for downloads of the shows - One of these days I'll find a good solution for hosting all the Insomniac Soup Show archive files, and will have them available for download, though not likely till August or September, after the show has concluded its Chicago broadcasts...

On the impending end of Insomniac Soup Show - It will only cease being broadcast via WNUR in Chicago (Last show will be 2nd Sunday in July, 2012). I am looking at options for podcasting, live streaming, and maybe a radio show in the area, once I've landed in Oakland in August... anybody know the story with UofC Berkley radio?

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