Monday, June 11, 2012

New Radio Show Times, Setlist from Insomniac Soup Show (June 10th 2012)

For the last stretch of Insomniac Soup Shows on WNUR, I'll have a slightly extended show time, running from 2-6am on Sundays. As you may have heard, I'll be moving (to Oakland California) at the end of July, so my time on WNUR is limited. Here is a date listing for the last of my shows there..

June 17th, 2am-6am
July 1st, 2am-6am w/ special guest Arborist
July 8th, 2am-6am
July 15th, 2am-6am
July 22nd, 2am-6am

And in the coming months I'll inevitably have a few more non-radio shows come up, which I will post here as they arrive...

Insomniac Soup Show this past Sunday was particularly high-energy, as I had just come off of a 3+ hour 'warm up set' at the fantastic Afternoon Delight day party, and had good friend Seamripper in the studio keeping the energy levels peakin'... Here's the setlist:

date: 6/10/2012
time: 2am-6am
location: WNUR 89.3FM

Dreamlogicc - Blanx
Martyn - Eden St.
T Polar - Crossroads (PM Dub)
Raffertie - Brevity
Mosca - Dom Perignon
Bias & Gurley - Roll (Blackdown's 'A Debt Repaid' Remix)
Dreamlogicc - Blanx (Area's Accidental Freedom Remix)
XI - Antikythera
Dreamlogicc - Elect Burns
Roska - Abrupt
Addison Groove - Ass Jazz
Cooly G - It's Serious ft. Karizma
Lokua - Underly II
Boddika - Grand Prix
Jon Convex - Falling Again
Benny Ill - Fat Larry's Skank
UNLTD - Key Reasons
Rhythm & Sound - Imprint

Unknown Artist - Hello Beautiful
Arshaw - Ghost
Untold - Bones (Joe Remix)
DJ Italessence - Let It Roll
Rave Deep - Step Right
Lokua - Underly III
Sei A - Break THe Pattern
Mike Wall - Cosmic Kick
Unknown Artist - You'll Be Mine In Apple Blossom Time
Sub Swara - Smoke Riddim
Lumino Disco - Dinossa
Vessel - Standard EP 
Gang Colors - On Compton Bay
Ital - Doesn't Matter If You Love Him
Dust Brothers - What Is Fight Club

Xela - The Marching Band
Mode - Around The Edges
Phunkfiction - Program 3.2
Dub Phizix - Illusions
Nether - Moon Dub
Sabre - 100 Teeth (Dub Phizix Remix)
Emika - Save It
Dreamlogicc - Ion B
ASC - Make Me Feel
DFRNT - The Big Freeze
Tokyo Prose & Fis - The Dares
Dreamlogicc - Plastic Tree Fate
Triad - Crooked
Subeena ft. Violet - Znare
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows

Spectrasoul - Tectonic
Pangaea - Inna Daze
Szare - Wild Boar
Dreamlogicc - Lock Groove I
Boards Of Canada - Dandelion 
Hype Williams - Good Love (Loveless Version)
oOoOO - No Way Back
Refused - The Apollo Program Was A Hoax
Planet Soap - I'm Approachin You Tonight
Porter Ricks - Port Of Nuba
Treplee - Orai Schreck
Endian - DBPLT001
Danton Eprom - A side
Dreamlogicc - Co-Conspirator
Leftfield - Melt

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