Friday, June 15, 2012

Set List: Part Time Suckers Radio on WNUR - June 14th 2012

I was called in to cover for the crew at Part Time Suckers, WNUR's bass music show, for Thursday this week. I had a great time, and was joined by MC Zulu, who held down the communications and did a little rhyming too. Thanks to all the listeners and callers for your support!

date: 06/14/2012
time: 9:40pm - 12am
location: WNUR 89.3FM

Oneohtrix Point Never - Andro
Drmlgcc - Brake (slowed)
Consequence - Symbol #4, B1
Bledbox - Breathe Me In (Buruburu's Oxidation Remix)

Justice/Metro - Litestar (featuring Muted)
Aether - I.D.
Dub Phizix - Illusions
G-Force & Seiji - Northern Exposure
Loxy & Resound - League of Shadows
Nebula - Sound Barrier
Lynx & Maple - China Town
Blocks & Escher - All in Good Time
D Product - Telemetry
SpectraSoul - Organizer (Ramadanman Remix)
Notion - Searching for an Answer (Sam KDC Re-Think)
DJ Morille - Impudicus
Crossfire - Hyperion
Dreamlogicc - Shuffleupagus
Mode - The Abyss (Sam KDC Acid Re-Think)
Nether - Moon Dub
Anodyne Industries - Reconstruction

Clarity - Parallels
AK1200 - Danny Breaks
Roni Size - The Calling
ASC - Never Enough
Mode - Warning
Dreamlogicc - Brake
Phunkfiction - Program 3.2
Lowtec - Looser

**MC Zulu interviews DJ Lgcc**
**Special track played by MC Zulu**- Poirier - Alert Riddim

Roska - The Oracle
Pearson Sound - Wad
Eleven Tigers - Stableface (Peverelist Remix)
Martelo - Down on my Night Hunter
Dbridge Presents Velvit - Scarlette
Lokua - Underly III
Instra:Mental - Futurist
Ena - Analysis Code

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