Monday, November 24, 2014

Archived: DJ Lgcc on WNUR, Nov. 14th 2014

I recently did a set for WNUR's long-running ETC. Radio.

you can stream it, through host M50's Souncloud page, and here:

22 vinyl records, 5cds, and a microphone/efx unit, recorded at Main Drain Studios, for WNUR FM

Ant’lrd - Pretty---far
Weather Corporation - Flite
Temples - Eidolon Voy
Hanuman - Bola (Thunderous Olympian Rmx)
Dreamlogicc - Grumble Drummington
Tuhin Roy - Untitled
Weather Corporation - Deja Vu
Piet Van Dongen - Vulcanic Ass (Audiofly Remix)
King Felix - Spring 2
Bastigrub - willbefine
Daniel Lui - Untitled
Food Pyramid - Eat Street
Miss Kitten - Allergic
Dusk & Blackdown - Akkaboo
Ils - Feel Alright
Cosmic AC - Ambient 1
The Ivytree - In Meadows
Rachel’s - Hearts and Drums
Radian - Sub Colors
Cosmic AC & Drmlgcc - Flip Rework
Pole - Slow Motion Acapella
Black Dice - Miles of Smiles
Nobukazu Takemura - On A Balloon
Rene Hl. - Bending (Voice)
Silverman - Cantstandtherain (Clark Remix)
Zola Jesus - Hikikomori
Litesalive - Csail

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