Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wax n' Cats #100 - Streaming Online, January 31st 2015

It's been nearly 2 years since the first episode of Wax n' Cats streamed live from Main Drain Studios.

This coming Saturday, June 31st, Wax n' Cats will stream its 100th episode! (well, 102nd, technically) and a handful of guests will be in the studio to celebrate along side Greyseph, Samsung, and myself.

There will be live PA sets from Chicago breakbeat craftsman Radius and Oakland techno technician Worker/Parasite, as well as DJ sets from bass-ist Thomas Treffry and house-ist Dr. Sleep

Things will kick off at 2pm Pacific time, streaming at Chew.TV/WaxnCats

The Facebook event page is over HERE

Wax n' Cats #100, January 31st 2015 - Chew.TV/WaxnCats
Wax n' Cats #100, January 31st 2015 @ Chew.TV/WaxnCats

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