Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Set List: Wax n' Cats #256 (June 23rd 2018)

Flitted between various dreamy mid-tempo strains today, mostly techno n' house, with a few jazzy/poppy moments too.

stream-able for the next week or so here:


The Cinematic Orchestra - Night of the Iguana
Toto Chiavetta - selections from the Part 2 Impermanence EP
Fau & Deam - Long Trip Around You
Shine Grooves - selections from the Туманность EP
Luciano - Bla Bla Bla
Taylor - Noob
Gacha Bakradze - selections from We Must Be Woods EP
Psapp - selections from the Buttons and War EP
Cursor Minor - Library
Peak:Shift - Strange Summer
Dreamlogicc - unnamed dubbery
Fishermans Friend - Deep Florist
Early Inhabitants - Taking Form
A New Line (Related) - selections from the Reverie(s)
Road To Shaanxi - Revelation
FaltyDL - selections from the Bravery EP
Blu Mar Ten - The Conversationalist
Co La - selections from Daydream Repeater LP

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