Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Special Guests on the next 4 Wax n' Cats Streams

We've got a few guests on the show in the next 30 days:

June 30th - San Francisco DJ extraordinaire Eugenia joins us

July 1st - A Special Edition Sunday episode, with a live performance by LA artist LeCiel

July 6th - Seattle-based DJ Shadow Thumbs brings the Cold Wave & Hot Beats

(DJ Lgcc will be in Chicago July 7th & 14th, so there will be no Wax n' Cats those weeks - follow @dreamlogicc on Twitter for the latest tour info)

July 21st - Oakland's own Vidiian returns to the show with a new batch of grooves to share

As always, you'll be able to stream it live, 
and archived for a week after the show, at Chew.TV/WaxnCats

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